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"Stefan has been a valued resource for our franchise development efforts.  His ability to take some of our more challenging leads and convert to franchise owners is appreciated.  Stefan understands how to educate himself on the aspects of a franchise opportunity and utilize that knowledge in his franchise sales process.  He understands franchise sales and more importantly how to relate the concept to the prospective franchise purchaser. 

Jake Brown
Chief Operating Officer

"A great innovator of helping people finding what they want in their personal lives."
Jerry Darnell
CEO at Jerry Darnell & Associates

“Have worked with Stefan on several franchise sales projects and brought him in to help with our Maid Simple brand expansion. Stefan and his team combine deep industry knowledge, an effective franchise sales process, creative marketing and social media to give us much more than we could do in house for the price. Beyond all that, Stefan is an effective communicator, works hard and is a pleasure to work with. He's a great choice to help any franchisor grow their franchisee base.”
Joel Lazarovitz
Vice President of Franchise Recruitment

"In my experience with Stefan, he deeply cares for his clients and places a great value on helping them make the right decision for themselves. This ultimately is what helps a Franchisor make placements with quality Franchisees, who will flourish in their new business.  That is what creates a win- win situation, between Franchisee and Franchisor. The Process that Stefan guides his clients through is not a sales process, but rather a systematic set of steps helping the client gather the necessary information for them to be comfortable in making a decision at the end based on their own research and findings."
Rich Rye
Director of Franchise Development

“We're a 60-unit international women's fitness concept based in Portugal.  Now entering the US market, we have found the right person with Stefan’s industry knowledge of all things franchising.  He and his team have worked well to identify and deliver the right candidates to help us grow our business.  We are pleased with Stefan’s work and passionate approach to what he delivers.” 
Constance Ruiz
President and Co-Founder

"Stefan is a conscientious and supportive franchise consultant, and I highly recommend him for anyone searching for a franchise opportunity. His prior experience as a franchise owner provides a valuable insight into the selection and screening a person goes through to select the franchise opportunity best suited for them. Stefan prepares his clients for their investigation and ensures that they are considering all the factors most important to their business and lifestyle goals."
Nancy Beskar
Franchise Licensing Advisor

"Stefan and I served together on Mr. Handyman International's Franchise Advisory Council. I always found Stefan to be an individual who works very hard, is a student of his business, is someone who doesn't give up easily and does not leave any stone unturned. In addition he is a very pleasant person to know and work with and is always willing to help and share with others."
Neils Brooks Sr.
Owner of Mr. Handyman and Molly Maid, Eastern Virginia

"Stefan far exceeded my expectations in the results he produced for me--and it was fun, too! As much or more than the business picks themselves, I appreciated Stefan’s warmth, personableness, professionalism and sensitivity. He made it a real growth experience.
Steve Adams
Author and Franchise Consulting Client

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