Top Sales Talent without all the Fixed Costs of an In-House Sales Staff

The perfect solution for smaller firms that want franchise sales experience but can't afford a professional in-house development staff or the high fees charged by other franchise consulting firms.

Franchise sales is harder than it looks. It can take a long time to get to the close. Lack of experience and a poor process can stop your expansion before it gets started and cost you a lot of money. Our sales process and experienced business developers have the necessary know-how to bring you only fully qualified candidates that make better performing franchisees for your growing system.

Keeps Your Focus on Running Your Business

We manage the entire sales process from lead generation and analysis of source performance to supporting you in being effective with your Discovery Day program and closing process. Regular reports and online conferences keep you fully informed and in control.

Although we are not technically in the consulting business, we partner with our clients to create the most effective sales process including  electronic sales messaging to close more deals from your lead flow making your marketing dollars work harder.

Our Expectations for a Successful Relationship

Just like every franchise candidate is not the right fit, neither is every franchisor opportunity right for our development process. We accept both brand new franchisors and those with existing franchisees so long as you're willing to invest a minimum of $2500 per month into your lead generation program which we'll help you design. While we will maintain your lead database during the development process, all leads belong to you and  will be delivered in a suitable format at the conclusion of our engagement.

Other costs will include a service fee billed twice monthly and commissions on unit sales to be determined based on the industry, franchise fee, level of marketing support and availability of financing.  Because our virtual business has low fixed costs, we're willing to customize our compensation to your particular situation.

As a virtual company, our team members are experts at communicating effectively using teleconferencing, online communication tools our internal CRM and project management systems. To keep costs low, we try to avoid physical travel. But meeting face to face with clients and candidates is sometimes necessary, as is providing support to our clients at conferences and trade shows. Any such travel with our client's prior approval is considered a reimbursable expense. The ground rules for which level of expense is appropriate will be established at the beginning of the engagement.

Finally, to avoid any sales conflicts, we expect that ours will be the only franchise sales activity conducted by your company during the period of our engagement. Referrals from brokers, if any, will be considered an additional source of leads with any compensation due brokers to be paid by you, with no reduction in commissions due to Franchise Jones Consulting, LLC.

What  We Do

Our Direct Services:

Outsourced Franchise Development
Franchise  Sales Management
Franchise Marketing Planning
Franchise Sales Messaging & Targeting
Lead Generation & Management
PowerPoint Presentations

Individual and Group Webinars
Franchise Sales Materials
Validation Process Management
Support for Trade Shows & Discovery Days

Through Franchise Business Partners:

Portal Lead Generation
Budgeting & Forecasting
Contract Negotiations
Content Creation
Campaign Management
Analytics & Consulting Services

Franchise  Legal Services
Franchise Disclosure Documents
    United States Specific
    Canadian Specific
Franchise Agreements
Employee Handbooks
HR Policies & Procedures
Dispute Resolution & Litigation
Trademark Prosecution
Advising & Consulting

Public Relations Services
National & Local Publicity
    Enhance Lead Generation
    Raise Brand Awareness
    Increase Customer Flow to Franchisees
Social Media Services
Original Content & Graphics
Grand Opening Support
Public Relations Services

Operations & Marketing Services
Operations Manuals
Systems and Forms
Website Design & SEO
Print Collateral Materials
Trade Show Displays
Email & Social Media Marketing
Mobile Websites

International Franchise Sales
International Expansion Planning
Process Experience in 35 Countries
International Lead Generation
International Franchise Law
Advising & Consulting

Franchise Jones Consulting