Franchise Jones Consulting


Franchise sales has changed

It used to be that if you bought enough leads and made a lot of phone calls, you could count on selling 1 in 150 or 250 or, more recently, 1 in 500. You may be blaming poor sales results on the Great Recession, politics or your salespeople. But while they play a part, the real answer is right here.

The Internet has changed everything!

Today’s franchise buyer no longer needs your salespeople to tell him what’s good (or bad) about your franchise. He can get everything he needs on the internet to decide whether to place your brand on his short list or not. 

So it’s no wonder so few of those leads will take your call or schedule an introductory conversation with you. They’re probably still gathering information and they think they know where to find it. You have to recognize that the buyer is in charge today and how well you inform that buyer early in their process, well before they talk with a franchise developer, will determine whether you ever get the chance to engage with them directly to tell them how great you are.

Your goals become our mission

Franchise Jones Consulting is much more than a franchise sales team. Once engaged, your goals become our goals.

We start by reviewing every aspect of your franchise development process including your owner profile, online content, messaging, lead generation, sales process and tools, validation, discovery day, PR, social media – the works.  We’re paid for sales results so there’s no big consulting fee for our review and recommendations.

Once we’ve agreed to work together – and we will only agree if we feel we can achieve strong sales results and add value to your brand – then we’ll collaborate on any necessary changes or additions to your process. This may include updates to your websites, new franchise development landing pages, franchisee testimonial videos, financial performance information, new online brochures, revised validation and discovery day process, whatever is necessary to deliver the content prospects need to engage with us and assure selection of candidates with the right qualities to be successful in your system.

Our success in achieving unit sales goals depends on having an effective candidate engagement process end-to-end. This includes the pieces you manage and the ones we manage for you ourselves and through our Franchise Business Partners, if appropriate. Together, our goal is to help build your brand, add value to your system and do it without breaking the bank along the way.

Why Use FJC?